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马耒西亚卫生部注册名称: 宝恒混合大豆蛋白与麦芽糖糊精

  • 主要原料是发酵大豆蛋白麦芽糖糊精,经生物科技技术制造出来的营养保健食品。.
  • 宝恒纳豆一盒的包装有60粒
  • 三个月食用期
  • 宝恒纳豆里的 酶,肽,菌金是超级营养的金三角组合。

           ✅  纳豆激酶的独特功效是具有溶解纤维蛋白预防血栓的能力,被视为心脑血管疾病的克星,远离中风的救星。

           ✅  纳豆菌非常符合人类肠道需要,能迅速在胃肠道形成适宜益生菌生长的无氧环境,调节肠内微生态平衡,被誉为是人类的第一益生菌

           ✅  大豆多肽是一种功能性蛋白质。它具有分子小,活性高,穿透力强,不需消化直接被 100%吸收的特点。这对于消化能力差,营养缺乏,身体虚弱多病者有着重要意义。



Registered name at Ministry of Health of Malaysia: Baoheng mixed soy protein and maltose dextrin

  • The main ingredients are fermented soy protein and maltose dextrin, a nutritional health food manufactured by biotechnology.
  • A box of Baoheng natto has 60 capsules.
  • Three months consumption period.
  • The enzymes, peptides, and bacteriophages in Baohang Natto are the golden triangle for nutrition.

          ✅ The unique effect of nattokinase is its ability to dissolve fibrin and prevent blood clots. It is considered the nemesis of cardiovascular diseases and the savior of strokes.

          ✅ Nattobacterium is suitable for human intestinal. It can quickly form an anaerobic environment ideal for gastrointestinal probiotic growth and regulate the intestinal micro-ecological balance. It is known as the first probiotic for human beings.

         ✅ Soybean peptide is a kind of functional protein. It has the characteristics of small molecules, high activity, strong penetration, and 100% absorption without digestion. This is important for people with poor digestive ability, lack of nutrition, and weak.

    Baoheng natto retains all the nutrients of natto. It contains 6 major enzymes, 19 kinds of small molecule peptides, 22 kinds of trace elements, 3-5 billion beneficial bacteria per gram, and hundreds of active substances.



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