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The main ingredients are fermented soybean protein, maltodextrin, and nutritional health food produced by biotechnology.

It is manufactured by Tianjin Baohengfudou Biotechnology Group Co. Ltd.  and is imported directly from China. Bao Heng natto has qualified the four major international authoritative certifications, HACCP, FSMA, BRC, IFS.

The enzymes, peptides, and bacteria gold in Bao Heng Natto are the best combination of super nutrition.

The unique effect of Nattokinase is its ability to dissolve fibrin to prevent blood clots, which is regarded as the nemesis of cardiovascular diseases and the savior from stroke.

Nattokinase is very suitable for human intestinal needs and can quickly form an anaerobic environment in the gastrointestinal tract suitable for the growth of probiotics and regulate the intestinal micro-ecological balance, which is known as the first probiotic for human beings.

Soybean peptide is a kind of functional protein. It has the characteristics of small molecule, high activity, strong penetrating power and 100% absorption directly without digestion. This is of great significance for people with poor digestion, nutritional deficiencies, and weak.

Baoheng Natto retains all the nutrients of Natto intact. In addition to the above three elements, it also contains hundreds of bioactive substances such as 19 kinds of amino acids, 22 kinds of trace elements, multivitamins and minerals. These are especially beneficial for people with heart and brain diseases, diabetes and gastrointestinal and digestive diseases.

A pack of Bao Heng Natto contains 60 capsules.

Store in a cool place, it is recommended to consume as soon as possible after opening.

The main ingredients of Bao Heng Natto is Natto powder. The color of natto powder varies slightly due to factors such as strain, fermentation temperature and fermentation time, so the color of the finished product also varies, but it does not affect the inherent quality of the product.

No. Soybeans are common food.  But Baoheng Natto is a fermented food produced by a special biological fermentation process using soybeans and other legumes as the main raw material. In addition to retaining the original nutrients of soybeans, Baohang Natto has added hundreds of bioactive ingredients, such as Natto kinase, Natto bacteria, SOD, etc.


Coronary artery disease is caused by the formation of thrombotic plaques in the coronary vessels of the heart. Therefore, in order to dissolve the thrombus already existing in the coronary vessels of the heart, and to prevent the plaque from rupture to form thromboembolism leading to myocardial infarction, you should choose to take Baoheng Natto.

For patients with sequelae of stroke, it is necessary to gradually restore the function that they lose (such as hand and foot disability); secondly, it is required to prevent the recurrence of cerebral thrombosis (stroke).  The key to addressing both of these needs is to address the blood clots that have formed in the cerebral vessels and the possibility of new clots forming in the cerebral vessels and causing a recurrence of the disease. Therefore, taking Bao Heng Natto is the best choice.

Arteriosclerosis is a non-inflammatory disease of the arterial wall, which is essentially the result of the interaction of oxygen free radicals and low-density cholesterol to produce lipid peroxides. Arteriosclerosis can make the arterial wall thicken, harden, lose its elasticity, narrow the lumen, and it is easy to form thrombotic plaques on the damaged wall. Since Bao Heng Natto contains SOD, an antioxidant-free radical component, taking it early can prevent the occurrence of arteriosclerosis. At the same time, Bao Heng Natto contains highly active nattokinase, which can also prevent the formation of thrombus and plaque.

Yes. The nattokinase in Bao Heng Natto only targets and dissolves fibrin (i.e., blood clots) in the body and does not affect the normal mechanisms of the clotting system, including platelets. Moreover, the vitamin K2 present in Bohemian Natto activates clotting factors to prevent bleeding from occurring.

Blood viscosity is the main cause of high blood coagulation, and once the blood has high coagulation, the blood will be in a pre-thrombotic state, which is extremely unstable and can easily form thrombus when the body has a stress reaction, i.e., when it is released by pro-thrombotic factors (such as fatigue, excitement, etc.). Although Baohang Natto cannot directly reduce blood viscosity, it can prevent thrombosis and thrombotic diseases when taken by patients with high blood viscosity.

Yes. The etiology of prostate disease is mostly due to free radical damage to prostate tissue cells (including capillaries). It will cause inflammation and lead to prostate microcirculation disorders. Bao Heng Natto is rich in SOD and nattokinase, which can play a dual role in resisting free radicals, relieving inflammation, dissolving thrombus, and improving blood circulation, which will be very helpful for the recovery of prostate patients.

Yes, diabetes can be scary, but what is scary is the complications that arise from diabetes – thrombotic disease. Diabetic thrombotic complications can often compromise the lower extremities, progressing to severe amputation. Diabetic thrombotic complications are also often dangerous to the eyes and can be severe enough to cause blindness. Of course, diabetic complications can also lead to heart and brain thrombosis. Therefore, it is recommended that diabetic patients use Baoheng Natto to prevent the development of thrombotic complications.

Medical experiments have found that cigarettes contain large amounts of nicotine and free radicals that contribute to the formation of blood clots, leading to heart and brain thrombosis. Alcohol can cause soluble fibrinogen in the liver to become insoluble fibrin, which can lead to cirrhosis of the liver and then to liver cancer. In order to prevent thrombosis and protect the liver, it is recommended that people who smoke and drink alcohol should take Baoheng Natto as a daily essential health care product.

Fatigue is caused by the poor microcirculation of the body, especially the brain, and the insufficient oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells. Baoheng natto can improve dimensional circulation, increase red blood cells’ oxygen-carrying ability, and improve fatigue symptoms.

Since the product can improve the blood circulation and gastrointestinal channel of the human body, it is helpful for the improvement and recovery of the patient, but it cannot substitute the treatment.

Clinical research found that patients with thrombolytic diseases often have some symptoms (such as dizziness or headache) or aggravation of the original symptoms after using thrombolytic drugs. This is a manifestation of the curative effect and improvement of the condition. It is an excellent phenomenon to have dizziness. It indicates that the condition has improved. The occurrence of such reactions is individual, occasional and often transient. It is not necessary to panic, continue to take it, after a period of time (a few days, more than 10 days) the symptoms will naturally disappear. Otherwise, it is recommended that you go to the hospital to find out the real cause of the dizziness or headache.


Recommended serving size of Baohang Natto:

For health care 2 times a day, 1 capsule per time
For conditioning 2 times a day, 2 capsules per time
Severe illness 2 to 3 times a day, 3 capsules per time

Professor Shu Wei, Chief Scientist of Baoheng, spoke about the consumption amount

Our product is positioned as food, and the concept of food has no limit on the consumption amount. Just like eating rice and noodles, there is no limit on the quantity. For some critically ill patients such as cancer patients, when they reach a certain clinical stage and have no other choice, they will take a large amount of Baohang Natto. My understanding is that when the clinical symptoms are relatively severe, you can take a large amount, and the dosage is proportional to the clinical effect without affecting the financial expenditure. In other words, the more you eat, the faster the effect.

Baoheng Natto is a natural food and the nutrients contained in it will not conflict with other health products or reduce the efficacy of health products and medicines. Baoheng Natto is not a substitute for medication and treatment, so it is recommended to take the product with normal medical attention.

Clinical trials have shown that nattokinase can only have a thrombolytic and therapeutic effect at concentrations of 400U to 800U per ml of blood. The specific time of administration does not directly affect the effectiveness of the product, but it must be taken once a day in the morning and once in the evening, on an empty stomach.

Since nattokinase is acid-phobic, to protect its activity in the stomach from being destroyed by gastric acid, the product adopts enteric coating technology, and a layer of enteric film is wrapped on the outer layer of the tablet. The product needs to be taken on an empty stomach. It will not be destroyed by gastric acid in the stomach and will only be cleaved by the digestive enzymes secreted by the intestine after entering the duodenum intact, and the natto ingredients will be digested and absorbed. Therefore, it is not advise to chew and take Baohang Natto, otherwise it will affect the effect of thrombolysis.

The product itself does not require strict contraindication, but many types of diseases still require strict contraindication according to their different conditions.

Yes, but you need to take it for the long term. You should also stop smoking and limit alcohol, and establish and develop a healthy lifestyle, such as ensuring quality sleep and a healthy diet, which are the cornerstones of good health.

There are no foreseeable risks associated with the long-term use of Baohang Natto, so it can be taken for a long time. Baohang Natto is a whole nutritional natto food with natural and safe properties, and will not cause any dependence.

We do not recommend that patients (especially elderly patients) who are still undergoing treatment to take the product when their condition is not stable. It should be taken as an adjunct to the maintenance of therapeutic medication after the condition has been well controlled.


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